Building Services Engineering

Modern building services are an indispensable requirement for well-being and performance, but also for the failure-free operation of machines and appliances. We can offer you broad support in the fields of heating, ventilation, cooling, and air-conditioning systems as well as sanitary facilities.

In doing so, we also consider your individual requirements as well as economic issues and the ecological compatibility of your company. Especially when planning new installations, you should seek the advice of our experts, because we thoroughly understand the market and know what solutions are most appropriate for your needs.

Heating technology
From simple heating systems to district heating transfer stations – we design, construct and service the system that meets your requirements – regardless of whether you use solid, liquid or gaseous fuels.

Ventilation, cooling and air-conditioning technology
Given the ever hotter summers, air-conditioning systems in the industrial and private sector are no longer a luxury, but a worthwhile investment. A constantly pleasant indoor climate does not only ensure well-being and performance, it also protects sensitive technical systems (e.g. EDP systems) against malfunction.

We are able to install systems of the latest product generation, the operation of which makes temperature variations and excessive humidity a thing of the past. By the way: the installation of our air-conditioning units in new and existing buildings usually does not imply major costs and efforts.

Sanitary facilities
Cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of every facility are dependent on the quality of sanitary installations. We provide the entire range of services for sanitary installations of all sizes, right through to huge communal shower rooms in the big industry.

Besides the installation of water supply and drainage systems, this also includes the installation of filtration and reprocessing plants. Furthermore, extensive measures aiming at quality assurance guarantee a permanently reliable operation.

Of course, we also pay attention to a meaningful ecological and economical use of the increasingly scarce water resource.