Corporate Guidelines

(our policies regarding quality, the environment and safety at work)


The strong competition challenges our entire spectrum of creativity, flexibility and brainstorming. Only then can we achieve our goals and compete sucessfully. On this basis, we continuously develop ourselves to meet our own high quality and safety requirements as well as those of our customers.

Our customers rightly expect a reliable partner, the IVT Weiner + Reimann GmbH stands for it with its name. We aim to be among the best in our fields of business. Long-standing customer relationships based on partnership are proof of this.

IVT Weiner + Reimann GmbH sees itself as a partner of our customers, but also as a partner of ist own employees. We rely on trust, fairness and honesty and stand by our word. This ist the basis of our actions.

Our Company / Principles of Conduct
We measure the sustainable and long-term economic success of our company not only in figures, but also in the satisfaction of our customers.

We support fair competition within the framework of legal regulations. Agreements on prices, delivery conditions and the exchange of competition-related information are inadmissible. Non-compliance can lead to high fines and legal consequences for the employees involved.

We treat our employees with respect, regardless of national origin, skin color, gender, religion, disability or private lifestyle. Everyone is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of our employees. However, we also expect all employees to actively support our company.

We prohibit all employees to use advantages, as well as accepting gifts or other benefits. Acceptance is only allowed if the value is negligible (max 50 Euro) and does not bring the donor and the donee into a dependence on each other.

Our corporate culture with regard to our occupational safety, environmental protection and quality policy follows the following guidelines:

Our claim

  • We see quality, environmental and occupational health and safety as equally important corporate objectives as economic objectives.
  • We see our customers, employees and suppliers as partners with whom we develop and implement our products and services according to the latest state of the art.
  • Our employees are our success. Satisfied and motivated employees are a prerequisite for satisfied customers and economic success.

Our goals

  • We want to offer our customers faultless products and services at fair prices.
  • We do not want any accidents at work, therefore the result “0” is our highest goal. To achieve this goal, the management provides sufficient resources. All employees should go home healthy after work.
  • We want to avoid material and environmental damage during the execution of our activities. This is to be achieved through regular safety instructions and information events for our employees.
  • We undertake to comply with all relevant laws, guidelines and regulations, in particular, however, the industrial safety and environmental protection regulations and to apply these in the performance of our activities.
  • We use selected methods to monitor and measure our processes, with which we check our work for the achievement of the defined goals.
  • We want to avoid mistakes through defined process flows. Should mistakes nevertheless occur, they are systematically documented and evaluated in order to avoid that these mistakes are repeated.
  • We use all possibilities to save energy and conserve resources. These are important principles for us in the provision of our services.
  • We actively participate in environmentally sound waste disposal. For this reason, we have issued regulations on waste disposal for our company that are binding for all employees.


Oberhausen, April 3rd 2018